Million Pixels in a Streaming Event, gathering together the whole Community, to celebrate Gaming. Not only celebrating it, we wanna honor the hard working Indie Devs with some Awards, collect some Money for and give the Gamers also some Games back. Every Euro spent in the Charity during the Event is one Ticket for the Raffle with a lot of Game Keys. So join us on the 12th December 2020 and celebrate Gaming, with all it’s Facettes.

Key Features:

  • Streaming Event taking Place on 12th December, Time will be announced soon
  • approximately 10 Hrs, maybe longer
  • Giveaways/Raffle
  • Streamer/Devs playing the Games
  • Dev-Studio Videos / Introduction to Studios
  • Speakers
  • Community Voting the Winners for each Indie Award Category
  • Totally Free for Everyone, no pay in or something. We do it for the Community, with no financial benefit from it.

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Marcel Wunnenberg
Groß geworden mit dem Atari 2600. Ein absoluter Fan der Oculus Quest, sowie von Arcade Automaten. Wenn er nicht am zocken ist, schaut er gerne trashige Splatter Filme. Ein Spiel welches nie langweilig wird? DOOM!!!

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